Stonehurst, with its’ ethos of “fine living – naturally”, is a ‘black sky’ development, discouraging light pollution and encouraging sustainable home design, water saving, environmentally sensitive building techniques as well as alternative energy use.

The estate’s design guidelines are aimed at ensuring that Stonehurst integrates synergistically and sensitively with its mountain backdrop, as unobtrusively as possible.

The rationale behind the bold, contemporary architectural approach is to inspire the creation of homes that are symbiotic with nature.

With building footprints and roof forms that work empathetically with the topography and natural contours of the mountainside location, a key objective is to integrate the internal and exterior spaces – thus bringing the outside inside.

Varying, fragmented roof forms, separated by flat sections and complimented by pergolas and verandas, minimize the impact of buildings against the mountainside vistas.

The use of natural building materials such as stone and timber in dark and neutral tones ensure that homes blend seamlessly with the natural environment.

The character and aesthetic appeal of the Estate as a whole is delivered through the use of fynbos gardens, courtyards, avenues, water features, terraces, pools, pergolas and fences which are integrated to link land, water and built forms.

Courtyards and gardens create sheltered external spaces, whilst views of the valley, False Bay and the surrounding mountains are optimised through the intelligent planning of individual erven locations.