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Stonehurst Mountain Estate is located near to the Silvermine-Tokai section of Table Mountain National Park which houses one of the world’s greatest natural gardens – the Cape Floral Kingdom. Of the 8 200 plant species found here, approximately 80% of these are fynbos and very many are endemic – meaning that they occur nowhere else on earth.

Indigenous flora is encouraged to spill over from public open spaces, into residents’ gardens – softening the architecture and providing a sanctuary for wildlife and humans alike.

Three streams flow from the mountain through the Estate, attracting along the way abundant bird, animal and insect life.

The dam at the Lifestyle Centre is a playground for birds, insects, fish and indigenous frogs. Stonehurst is proud to be home to the endangered Western Leopard Toad – these toads live in and around the marshy reed beds and are most active at night, especially when it rains.

Regular wildlife visitors to the estate include Black Eagles, Rock Kestrels, Shrikes, Porcupines and Otters.
The strict architectural, landscaping and construction protocols ensure not only that the estate’s aesthetics are maintained but equally importantly, that the protection of Stonehurst’s indigenous fauna and flora is also meaningfully taken into account.

Eco Living